Factors That Are Considered as Crucial for Awarding Child Custody

11 Apr

In most of the divorce cases, child custody becomes a matter of dispute. Two parties involved in the case may want child custody. Nevertheless, there are many terms and conditions, which two parties may not be ready to accept. For contesting the child custody cases, you need to find a good lawyer first. A person who is experienced in dealing with family law related cases can help you perfectly in this matter. However, you need to go for specialization. Family law is a vast thing. Your lawyer must possess expertise in handling divorce and child custody cases.

In a legal contest, you need to present different sorts of arguments and evidence to claim your rights. The same thing is applicable in the case of child custody contests. The judge awards child custody based on examining a few things. These things are discussed in the following section of this article.

Age of the Child

Age of the child becomes an important factor, when it comes to giving verdict to the child custody cases. Toddlers cannot live without their mother till the time mother breastfeeds them. Hence, child custody will be awarded to the mother when the kids are below 2 years’ age. At such tender ages, children cannot live without their mother for biological reasons. Considering the best interest of the kid, the judge decides to give child custody right to the mother. If the age of the kid is more than 5 years, the child custody case would not be influenced by the age of the kid.

Preferences of the Children

Two separated persons may demand child custody, but opinion of the kids matters a lot in such cases. If kids are teenagers, their opinions become crucial for the judges. A separate team of jury shall sit with the kids to know their opinions. If kids cannot specifically decide whether they want to stay with mom or dad, the court takes other matters into consideration. If the kids are clear about their opinions, judges tend to award child custody as per the wishes of children.

Criminal Records of Parents

Before awarding child custody, the criminal record of the parents will be investigated. If a person is found guilty in domestic violence related crime, the court will not award child custody to that person. However, not just the cases of domestic violence, any criminal record of the past may cause losing the child custody battle. What would happen if both parties have criminal records? In such cases, the nature of the crime has been investigated. The person with lesser heinous crime may get the child custody awarded by the judge.

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Economic Backgrounds and Living Conditions

In a child custody battle, the judge takes the best interest of the child into consideration. This is why the financial backgrounds of the parents have been checked. The one who has a stable financial background is ideal to win the child custody battle. Good financial background of a mother or father ensures better education and seamless living conditions for children.

For dealing with the complex aspects of child custody cases, you need to find a professional and reliable family lawyer in Houston, Tx.

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